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How I Got Started On The Road Less Traveled.
My Journey

It seems like the biggest hurdle for aspiring online entrepreneurs is taking that first step, actually
implementing what they are educating themselves on, and I totally understand why.

To say you want to be an “Internet Marketer”, or to say you want to “make money online” are extremely broad concepts.  When beginning to research which path to take your head can spin.  You go online, go to an internet marketing forum or blog and read and read and read then literally get too scared to even start because you feel like you can never catch up with all of the information.

Those who are most successful when first starting out typically pick one method and one “mentor”.  Once they are generating an income from that method they set it on auto-pilot and move onto mastering another method.

I have told my “how I got started” story many times to many different people hoping that it will help clearly outline what I did to get where I am, how I still duplicate the same systems over and over and how anyone with a computer and internet connection can do that same.  Hopefully my story and this blog will help you take that first step towards seeing REAL success.


What Led Me On This Path

I never thought that I would make money online or own an online business.  When I was in college I was constantly trying to think of business ideas that could lead me on the path to wealth after I graduated.  I thought maybe I would open a chain of restaurant franchises, I considered opening a new bar back in my hometown, I thought about starting an investment company and flipping houses, I even considered opening a gym.  These weren’t just “maybe one day I could do this” ideas, I was actually perusing them.  I was going to restaurant franchise trade shows, health and wellness seminars, taking real estate classes and regularly attending business networking groups.  I certainly had not chosen a clear path to take after school, but no one could say I wasn’t motivated.

After I graduated from college in 2006 with a BA in Marketing & Management I still did not know which path to take, so I did what any kid straight out of college would do and got a job.  I was earning a nice income but it was not what I wanted.  I was working to make someone else rich and I was miserable.  I was tired at the end of each day from work but I was still motivated to have my own business and put in the long hours to benefit myself, not my boss or the owner of the company.  I was still attending trade shows and business networking groups to educate myself.  Another way I did this (and still do) is by reading business books.

Early in 2007 I purchased a copy of The Four Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris and I can say this that was one of the biggest turning points of my life.  This book opened my eyes to what was possible online.  It explained to me that it is not just possible to start an online business that generates a full time income online but it is possible set it up so your business can function on autopilot and literally just watch money flow into your bank account as you oversee your operation.  It explained to me that for a very minimal investment you can set up these websites and sit back and watch the sales continuously come in.

Now at this point I could have easily said “this is too good to be true”, “it takes money to make money”, “this book is a scam” or “I need to open a REAL business and work 70 hours/week for the first year to be successful”.  I could have said any of those things, but I didn’t.  I took the author at his word and embraced using the internet as a tool to produce income, and that made all the difference.

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