A Collection Of Tools Designed To Make Your Life Easier
And Your Business More Profitable.


from Anton Kraly


Instantly Convert More Visitors Into Customers With Hype

Social Proof = Trust and Trust = Sales.  We designed HYPE to make collecting and displaying social proof easy.  If you’re looking for a simple way to give your conversion rate a nice boost, start using HYPE today.

Kraken Apps

Simple To Use Automation Tools For Increasing Your Lead Value

All Kraken Apps have been created to save you time and to make you more money.  Want to use urgency in your marketing?  There’s a Kraken for that… Want to automate your social media engagement?  There’s a Kraken for that… Want to improve your ad copy?  Yep, we’ve got a Kraken for that too!

DSL Shopify Theme & App

eCommerce Automation, Made Easy

Anton Kraly has turned his 10+ years of eCommerce experience into hands down what is the best Shopify Theme for drop shipping. In addition to the theme, the DSL Shopify App is there to automatically forward orders to your suppliers, to track your profits, and to increase your conversions. Please note the DSL Theme & App are only availble to students of the Drop Ship Lifestyle Coaching Program.

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